UniFi - Changing the Firmware of a UniFi Device Thursday at 05:21

Running a local firmware upgrade (from the UAP itself)

To perform a local update, the firmware.bin needs to be renamed to fwupdate.bin, then copied to /tmp on the UAP.

So, what you need to do is copy the file from the appropriate directory of the controller. You can get the "version" from the table below, match up the appropriate folder per model of UAP.

For Linux you would:

How to reboot and shut down the cisco catalyst switch 3560

To save the configuration:
6509# wr    (press enter)

To reboot the switch:
6509# reload    (press enter)
Proceed with reload? [confirm]    (press enter)

To shut down the switch:
Turn off the switch on the Power Supply Unit of the switch.

But remember one thing, if your switch is acting as a NTP Server as well, you may want to make sure that the time settings are done once the switch is restarted as it does not keep a track of the time and it gets reset.