UniFi - Changing the Firmware of a UniFi Device Thursday at 05:21

Running a local firmware upgrade (from the UAP itself)

To perform a local update, the firmware.bin needs to be renamed to fwupdate.bin, then copied to /tmp on the UAP.

So, what you need to do is copy the file from the appropriate directory of the controller. You can get the "version" from the table below, match up the appropriate folder per model of UAP.

For Linux you would:

  • open Terminal
  • scp /usr/lib/unifi/dl/firmware/binary/version/firmware.bin user@ip.of.uap:/tmp/fwupdate.bin

For Mac you would: 

  • open Terminal
  • scp /Applications/UniFi.app/Contents/Resources/dl/firmware/binary/version/firmware.bin user@ip.of.uap:/tmp/fwupdate.bin

So, for example, in Linux, if I wanted to copy 3.2.1 binary to a standard UAP for local upgrade I would:

scp /usr/lib/unifi/dl/firmware/BZ2/ user@ip.of.uap:/tmp/fwupdate.bin 

The local path to the firmware binary could vary, depending on if it's bundled with the controller or if you downloaded a special binary.

Windows users need to copy the file via WinSCP, or MobaXterm (there are other programs too, PSCP, etc.). I would recommend renaming it after you copy it to /tmp/ directory though (as you want to leave the local file as firmware.bin).

Then connect via SSH and issue the appropriate command to initiate a local upgrade.

syswrapper.sh upgrade2 &



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